Careers at Rook

Solve hard problems with a team of exceptional contributors

Working at Rook offers you the chance to work with the best, develop subject matter mastery, design your own work-life balance, create original products and research, operate in a Teal organization with great amounts of autonomy and freedom, advance the state of the art, and provide meaningful change to the world of finance.

The Rook Labs team consists of world-class contributors with deep experience in blockchain automation, MEV, trading, and financial systems. We’re a remote team of over thirty contributors with alumni from Google, NASA, UBS, Citadel, Gemini, Apple, Shopify, Oxford, Harvard, Princeton, and Imperial College London.

The future of finance puts users first

The purpose of Rook is to make value exchange as beneficial as possible for users and protocols. We believe that the value created by a transaction - the maximum possible amount of value created as a result of that transaction - belongs to those that own the assets: the buyer and the seller.

That’s why we have built the Rook protocol: An open, equitable, and distributed MEV marketplace that captures and hands back the value to those who have the right to it.

This marketplace provides the fundamental architecture to allow DeFi to fulfill its promise of building a financial infrastructure that can outcompete TradFi, while maintaining the fair, inclusive, and user-centric ethos of DeFi.

What are we looking for?

Open Application

We’re always on the lookout for exceptional contributors, because we want the most talented people in the world contributing to our technology. If your ideal role isn’t listed here, but you think you could provide value as a contributor, please apply below.