DeFi Bot Wrangler (Fully remote)

New York, United States of America

The role

Tired of fighting it out in the mempool? Are you an MEV expert but want to try being a buildooor? This is your place.

What you’ll achieve

  • Improve our trading execution engine that super-intelligently routes orders between exchanges.
  • Create high-level integrations to blockchain exchanges.
  • Create and modify trading strategies.
  • Create and build out state-of-the-art data collection and trade analysis infrastructure.
  • Make a significant impact in a rapidly growing blockchain startup.

What you’ll bring

  • We exclusively hire contributors who firmly meet our criteria of eligibility
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Interest in Web3 is a must
  • Fluent in Python and prior experience in building python web applications.
  • Familiar with data engineering technologies such as relational databases, realtime data pipelines, batch processes, and data management tools such as DataDog.
  • Experienced in dev-ops or eager to learn best practices in deploying services such as Kubernetes and Docker.
  • Understand information and data security.
  • Thrive working with emerging technologies like blockchain with little/no documentation.

About Rook 

The purpose of Rook is to make value exchange as beneficial as possible for users and protocols. We believe that the value created by a transaction - the maximum possible amount of value created as a result of that transaction - belongs to those that own the assets: the buyer and the seller.

That’s why we have built the Rook protocol: An open, equitable, and distributed MEV marketplace that captures and hands back the value to those who have the right to it.

This marketplace provides the fundamental architecture to allow DeFi to fulfill its promise of building a financial infrastructure that can outcompete TradFi, while maintaining the fair, inclusive, and user-centric ethos of DeFi.

DeFi Bot Wrangler (Fully remote)

Job description

DeFi Bot Wrangler (Fully remote)

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